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To wonder - the effervescence of rational thought.

People often ask Alan where he gets his writing ideas from,
to which the author commonly replies, "My Dreams..."
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Wildlife photography by Alan Graham, AnDPhotos library of over 500,000 images from around the world.

Alan, originally an English teacher, is a semi-retired wildlife photographer and filmmaker (simply because it is impossible to retire altogether from taking pictures of beautiful creatures). Over 25 years his articles with images have been published in various national and worldwide prints, including BBC Wildlife Magazine, International Living, Land Rover Owner International and Travel Africa. His work has taken him worldwide where he is usually to be found on a coral reef, up a tree or hanging out of a helicopter.

His documentary material – to which he also writes the narrative – has been aired across the UK, most notably "The Affairs of Hares", a 50 minute feature filmed entirely on location in the wilds of Devon, between 1997-2000. (Watch the short documentary "Prejudice" on YouTube, below)

Video about ravens and crows by Alan R. Graham, filmmaker.

Alan is English, though he resides in Belize at present. He runs Witzoo Wildlife Sanctuary, a rehab' and release site in tropical forests far from civilization, though soon to retire from this very exhausting and sticky lifestyle. He has been a prolific writer of fiction over the years with numerous short stories and a couple of novellas to his credit. Of course, there are more in the works. The fictional characters he writes about come from flirtations with reality, dreams and personal experience, strong female protagonists always a major element in the story, whether a psychological thriller or science fiction.

Would you believe the real inspiration for his science fiction trilogy "Right of Human" was a coatimundi? Alan is currently working on a biographical non-fiction title "Coati Kingdom" that will have you falling in love with these adorable creatures.

Book cover titled Coati Kingdom, featuring a wildlife rehab and release project, in Belize.

Here's a Picture Gallery showcasing some of the animals Alan was fortunate enough to call his family, many of them to be incorporated in the new book. And, a free online resource, Coati Pet Care Guide for everything you need to know about looking after these adorable, exotic creatures.

The Author Explains

"I am fascinated by writing style and continually strive to invigorate this art-form, whether it be with hyper-fiction threads leading to different outcomes, dropping narrative in favour of dialogue driven plots or turning the narrator – i.e., Me – into a nefarious character."

Philosophical Meme saying: Because we cannot relate our exact whereabouts to an infinite horizon, we are presented with the illusion of progress.

For more than 35 years Alan has been tirelessly writing a philosophy of science paper entitled "Time's Paradigm" re-evaluating our understanding of time and taking a fresh, in-depth look at how we perceive time's passage. Yes, it is controversial and has many alternate view-points -- well, that's how progress is made. It is now exclusively available to peruse on line at

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