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Alan is an established writer of both fictional novels in the genres science fiction, thrillers, romance, and factual articles relating to natural history and wildlife photography over 25 years. Buy his ebooks, paperbacks, short stories here.


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Alan R. Graham, short story writer published in sci-fi, thriller and romance genres.

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"She looked up and that incredible smile of hers made -

candles blow out, dogs miraculously cease barking

and coconuts fall blissfully from trees."

... (Three Thin Lines to Insanity) 2017  


The author is a writer of science fiction romance novellas with strong female characters and factual magazine articles.

Thrillers, Sci-fi and Romance ebooks.

Need a quick read on the plane? A few hours of solitude and reflection? Here are a number of short stories that will lift you, revive you and excite you, all within easy reach. Plenty to choose from. Six in the basket all for under a dollar.

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Current work - writing novels, debating philosophical conundrums, feeding the animals.
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