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Alan is an established writer of both fictional novels and novellas in the genres science fiction and romance, and factual articles relating to natural history and wildlife photography over 25 years. Buy his books and short stories here.


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Alan R. Graham, short story writer published in sci-fi, thriller and romance genres.

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"She looked up and that incredible smile of hers made...

candles blow out,

dogs miraculously cease barking,

and coconuts fall blissfully from trees."

... (Three Thin Lines to Insanity) 2017  


The author is a writer of science fiction romance novellas and factual magazine articles.

Thrillers and Romance, Short and Sweet for under a dollar.

Need a quick read on the plane? A few hours of solitude and reflection? Here are a number of stories that will lift you, revive you and excite you, all with in easy reach. All for US$0.99 each.

Take a gander at some of the novellas on offer by visiting the New Releases page on this site. Or browse below a list of currently available short stories in the contemporary and sci-fi genres which you can purchase for under a dollar here, on-line. PayPal is the accepted currency, Pdf is the format. Immerse yourself in worlds of fantasy and intrigue. Take a short break, enjoy and then please come back, comment on my blog or spread the word.

I am Alan R. Graham, the author, your host and guide. I write to achieve symmetry with readers and their desires, so your comments are treasured. Thrillers and romance are my genres in short and medium form. Below is a list of titles with lengths so you can easily pick out short stories that fit your exact reading needs, in the 'now'.

Just a Matter of Time SHOP NOW - When Earth is in the cross-hairs of annihilation it will take 'Time Travel' to prevent disaster. So our Empress has no alternative but to sacrifice her own lover to save humanity. 20 minute read.  

Black Sand Rising SHOP NOW - An army training unit arrives on a deserted planet to find that it is not devoid of life, after all. The planet itself is alive - and she is phenomenal. 10 minute read.  

The Coming Days SHOP NOW - A serial killer has no idea that his latest victim is more dangerous than he. She, a local student, is also unaware of her true potential - though her boyfriend suspects something and the police are gaining ground... 20 minute read.  

Found in Attic SHOP NOW- An Edgar Alan Poe style monologue of one man's dying fight with insanity, vividly portrayed in a letter - or was he just hoping for redemption? 15 minute read.  

Divided by Ice - A crew in Antarctica unwittingly discover a hidden labyrinth of caves under a mile of ice, later to realize they are actually inhabited. 15 minute read.

The Turning of Hydrangea - A beautiful Mexican woman, an ex CIA drunken husband and a fabulous French lover, all end up on the tip of a snipper's rifle. 30 minute read.

Jug of Passion Fruit - Males and Females battle against each other for supremacy on Earth many year in the future, only to discover that their whole ethos was wrong. 15 minute read.

Many Realities - An award winning story - Dead souls look down on life from the upper atmosphere of Earth and control our future, until something goes horribly awry. 10 minute read.

Trusting a Twin - You, a seemingly normal woman, think your life is in order, until the Secret Service pop in one day and tell you to save the Universe. 10 minute read.

Mellie Sleeps - A semi-lucid man recounts the story of almost losing his life in war-torn Africa, only to be saved by his estranged and distant sister. 20 minute read.

This list is updated weekly. Longer titles can be offered as first chapter FREEBIES. Just ask and you shall receive.

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